Refrigerated Prep Rail with Sneeze Guard

Iron Equipment offers the perfect solution for space-saving, temperature-controlled food prep: the refrigerated countertop prep rail with sneeze guard. This versatile unit combines several key features to enhance your kitchen’s efficiency and hygiene:

  • Refrigerated Storage: Maintain ideal temperatures for prepped ingredients, condiments, or toppings right at your fingertips.
  • Maximized Counter Space: Utilize the countertop surface for prep tasks while keeping ingredients chilled underneath.
  • Improved Workflow: Easy access to refrigerated items keeps your prep process smooth and efficient.
  • Sneeze Guard Protection: The clear sneeze guard safeguards your food from airborne contaminants and maintains customer safety.

Ideal for:

  • Pizzerias: Keep toppings chilled and readily available for pizza assembly.
  • Sandwich Shops: Maintain condiments and sliced ingredients at optimal temperatures for sandwich creation.
  • Salad Bars: Offer a variety of fresh, prepped salad toppings at a comfortable serving height.
  • Any restaurant with limited space: This space-saving unit provides both refrigeration and prep space in a compact design.


  • Reduced Food Waste: Maintain proper temperatures to minimize spoilage and food waste.
  • Enhanced Food Safety: Sneeze guard protects food from contamination.
  • Improved Customer Confidence: Visible, chilled ingredients assure customers of food quality.
  • Easy Cleaning: Stainless steel construction ensures a sanitary workspace and effortless cleaning.