Cookie Depositor Machine – M2Jr

The M2Jr Depositing Machine is ideal for the entrepreneur who works in the confectionery area and wants to increase and standardize their production, be it shortbread cookies, crackers, meringue, cheese breads, cookies and more.
Dosing/Fixed die, Twisting Die and cutting module.
Products per hour
5.000 units/h
*Products up to 20g.
Capacity production
100 kg (220 lb)
Maximum volumetric capacity
18 kg (39 lb)
*The volumetric capacity is variable according to the density of the dough.
Accessories that come with
Dosing rule D6 (code 50325), rotating rule (code 50321) and cutting rule (code 50323).
*The dies come with nozzles and blocks to compose the set. Consult technical information with our salespeople.
Optional accessories
We offer cutter blocks and special dosage formats to compose and diversify your production. See available formats.
*It is recommended to purchase a new die blocks corresponding to the extra formats chosen.
We recommend trays 400mm wide x 600mm long x 10 to 25 mm tall, made of metal. For products that will be frozen like cheese bread, 6 mm thick nylon trays are recommended.
*Trays are not part of the equipment. Items sold separately.
Wire Cutting Block Shapes
Check the shapes available with our sellers.
Conditions for the production of sweets
Climate controlled environment, as the extrusion of the dough heats it, formatting becomes more difficult.
Safety and quality
All MCI equipment is within safety standards, we put production quality and safety first.
*Any image used in this material is for illustrative purposes only and is subject to change. Technical information subject to adjustment.


Dimensions31.5″x 29″ x 30.3″
Weight224 Lbs
Energy Consumption650W
Production220 Lbs p/hr