Skewer Refrigerators

  • This equipment was made to facilitate the daily operation of the steakhouse. With an efficient cooling system, the air flows all around the refrigerator, keeping the meat in the skewer in the perfect temperature. Designed to sit right next to your grill, it’s never been easier to prep and roast your churrasco. Say goodbye to messy preparation and hello to effortless grilling with our Refrigerator for Skewers.
  • MAKING YOUR LIFE EASIER: The best help in the daily routine. With the meat already in the skewer, you just take it from the refrigerator directly to the grill.
  • PERFECT FIT: Special Width. This equipment is larger than regular fridges to fit the skewers inside.
  • SUPPORT FOR SKEWERS: Large capacity. With these special shelves, the refrigerator can hold 46 skewers in it.
  • LED Lighting
  • Internal and External Stainless Steel Finish
  • Dual Pane Glass