R2 – Breading Machine

Products per hour
10.000 (0,28 oz)
*Products up to 20 grams
Capacity per hour
200 kg/h (440 lb)
Size of product
8g to 180g (0.28 to 6.35 oz)
Spherical products
Breading of non-spherical products
Not available
Breading capacity
7 kg (15 lb)
*Do not exceed to not overload the engine.
Flour type
Artisanal or industrial flour
*Artisanal flour is not recommended (French bread flour) as it can normally contain sweet bread and milk bread which makes the flour oily and can interfere with the breading process.
Liquid capacity
10,5 liters
Liquid type
There are no restrictions
Liquid recirculation
Not available
*Salt immersion system
Breading system
By immersion of the savories on liquid
Breading process
The batter is fed with binder liquid and the batter flour (artisanal or industrial). The product enters the liquid, passes through the conveyor belt until the flour bath process, this process ensures that the product is breaded in its entirety, without damaging or marking it.
Caster wheels
*Easy transportation in your production.


Dimensions22.9″x 57.1″ x 33.5″
Weight102 Lbs
Energy Consumption440W