Deck Oven – Barcelona Line

  • Through the standard Digital Programming Panel, it is possible to carry out individual control of deck level.
  • Heating is achieved through nickel-chromium electrical resistances encapsulated in ceramic bricks, installed on the top and bottom inside each chamber.
  • Each chamber has ballast stones at the base to better conserve and distribute heat.
  • Energy savings through Control Systems of Temperature and Thermal Insulation; The chambers are individual and can be superimposed in up to 4 chambers.
  • Base with variable heights to provide flexibility with maximum ergonomic comfort for the user.
  • The internal chambers and structure are in carbon steel, while the external coatings are in stainless steel.
  • The doors are in stainless steel as standard or optional in tempered glass.
  • The high-performance thermal insulation in glass wool.
FBA 2.271.7″59″74.4″
FBA 2.371.7″59″81.1″
FBA 2.471.7″59″87.8″
FBG 4.171.7″102.4″78.7″
FBG 4.271.7″102.478.7″