Combi Ovens

Do more with less in your restaurant kitchen with the power and versatility of combi ovens. We offer a variety of combi ovens designed to streamline your workflow, elevate your menu, and impress your guests, all in one compact appliance.

A Culinary Powerhouse:

  • Three Cooking Modes in One: Bake, steam, and roast like a pro with convection, steam, and a combination of both cooking modes, all within a single oven.
  • Faster Cooking Times: Achieve perfectly cooked dishes in a fraction of the time compared to traditional ovens, thanks to the efficient heat distribution and powerful steam capabilities.
  • Unparalleled Consistency: Eliminate guesswork and ensure consistent results every time with precise temperature and humidity control.
  • Reduced Shrinkage and Weight Loss: Lock in moisture and minimize food shrinkage during cooking, leading to higher yields and less waste.

Beyond the Basics:

  • User-Friendly Controls: Navigate easily with touchscreen intuitive interface, making it simple for your team to learn and operate the oven.
  • Automatic Programs: Take advantage of pre-programmed settings for various dishes, ensuring foolproof cooking and freeing up your chefs for creative endeavors.
  • Easy Cleaning: Save time and effort with self-cleaning features and easy-to-remove components, keeping your oven sparkling clean and ready for the next culinary adventure.
  • Space-Saving Design: Consolidate multiple appliances into one compact unit, freeing up valuable counter space in your busy kitchen.
MODELSCapacity GN 1/1LengthDepthheight
WCTS-5HSE5 Trays33.5″34.4″59″
WCTS-8HSE8 Trays53″29.5″
WCTS-11HSE11 Trays53″29.5″75.6″

Main Cooking Functions

Steam cooking has a factory default temperature of 100ºC, so that the oven will form the steam needed for the various cooks, which for example are: rice, vegetables and eggs. In this function we have the following cooking modes : blanching, steaming, poaching, pre-cooking, and among others.

In dry cooking we can make everything from meat to bread making, in this cooking function we have the choice of temperature from 30ºC to 270ºC and with the manual steam button, being able to work with bakery products. With the dry function, we have the possibility of cooking food such as: french fries, pizza, chicken and breaded steak, with its high temperature we have short times and uniform preparations. In this function we have the following cooking modes: roasting, frying, browning, grilling, among others.

The combined function is the ideal combination of dry air and steam, with this configuration foods can be cooked in very short times without losing their characteristics and nutrients. This function prevents the food dehydration that normally occurs when using the conventional method. Temperatures range from 30ºC to 270ºC. It is ideal for the preparation of all kinds of meat, preserving its volume and moisture. When preparing chicken, it provides homogeneous cooking, crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

The regeneration function is indicated for regenerating food, with a different combination than the combined one, it is possible to recondition food that was frozen or chilled or simply put away. This choice has parameters from 1 to 9 reaching 100% humidity.

This function is used for very delicate foods, or defrosting processes, including vacuum-packed products. This function has the option of working with low temperatures, from 60ºC to 100ºC. It allows you to cook delicate foods such as seafood, terrines, galatines, fruits, red meat, eggs, flans, cream puddings and cheesecakes.

Additional Functions

Tranquility and safety, when cooking at night, this function allows cooking to be carried out at times that do not require the presence of a professional, the oven is programmed just like the PGM function and only adds two more information, which are the time when the equipment has to start cooking and the storage temperature, which is the temperature that the food will stay until cooking time.

To save your best recipes, we have the option of the function with the name of Recipes, forty-two recipes that can be modified to better meet your needs are already pre-recorded. It is possible to record 1000 recipes, all with eight steps and each step can store different times and temperatures.

Recommended for slow and delicate cooking. The most modern and technological way to control the cooking of food today. When inserting the core sensor in the piece to be roasted, the Wictory intelligent programmable oven automatically recognizes the internal temperature of the food. When the desired temperature is set inside the roast, the oven will automatically adjust the temperature differential between the food and the work schedule, providing convenience and great quality in the food.

The core sensor is inserted in the center of the food before starting cooking, informing in real time the temperature progression in the food core, limiting the automatic shutdown of the oven when reaching the pre-set temperature. Very useful for cooking meat and fish, especially when in high volume. It will indicate on the display the temperature required to reach the desired programming in the core. The maximum control temperature is 90ºC. In the functions Big Roasts, Small Pieces, Poultry, Fish, Confectionery and Delta T the use of a core sensor is essential.

Allows the oven to be cleaned. The oven is pre-programmed at the factory with the water sprinkling times necessary to remove dirt considered standard within the reality of most kitchens.

Other Features

The cooling function has the objective of cooling the oven when the operator needs to start cooking at other temperatures lower than the current temperature. The cooling function starts when the oven is above 30ºC. It can work with either the door open or closed.

The defrost function is indicated for foods that need to be defrosted slowly without damaging the food, operating at a temperature of 50º to 80ºC.

Diversity and speed in food production, with the Tray Scheduling function we can program different times, which are organized by the position of the trays. It is important to remember that all foods will be roasted or cooked in the same function, for example we can put rice with vegetables, because both will be cooked in the Steam function, but if you add meat it will not cook or bake, because the cooking function and temperature are pre-established by the user at the beginning of programming and cannot be changed during the process.

The heat without convection function is indicated for foods that require only heat without the aid of ventilation, operating at a temperature of 50º to 270º.