• Equipment designed to record purchases of goods, ensuring control of the flow of operations. The Flex line is ideal for small spaces and quick queues, a resistant product that allows greater agility. Available in L or U-shaped designs, aligned with the automation system and meets the NR17 ergonomic standard.
  • Includes multipurpose drawer and automation kit, consisting of keyboard and monitor support. The money holder is not included. It can be mounted on both the right and left side.
  • All Amapá products have quality, resistance and durability guaranteed by the use of high standard raw materials, technological production processes and quality control. The products are painted using the electrostatic technique, with a uniform and resistant anti-corrosion treatment.
CHECKOUT FLEX L 1.3M51.2″39.4″35.4″
CHECKOUT FLEX U 1.5M59″39.4″35.4″
CHECKOUT FLEX U 2M78.7″39.4″35.4″