Vettro Buffet – Tempered Black Glass Buffets

  • The Vettro Hot Tempered Glass Bar works through a very thin electrical wire heater underneath a 1/4 inch black glass and reaches a surface temperature of 230°F.
  • The Vettro Refrigerated Ceramic Glass works through a cooling motor and copper coil with thermal insulation and reaches a temperature between 23°F and 41°F on its surface
  • You can use all kinds of pans or trays* in any material you want such as stainless steel, iron, porcelain, glass, aluminum and others.
  • The independent modular system allows multiple assembly options that will make your restaurant operate and looks its best.
  • Digital thermostatic controls.
  • Super easy cleaning.
  • 59% energy savings with the hot ceramic glass module compared to the usual tank and hotel pan system.
  • 15 min warm up time for the hot glass bar and 30 minutes to cool down the refrigerated bar.