Automatic Dough Unit – FGA

  • Equipped with membrane-type control pane and optional buttons for on/off control. The regulation of the opening of the rolls is made through gears and a lever with graduation for easy adjustment. Cutting through channels and regulated rotating knives, to divide he dough by volume. Modeling through a 100% natural wool braided felt mat and nylon rollers. Output conveyor with optional baguette stretcher.
  • The equipment has all the safety systems provided by NR-12.
  • FGA of 2 or 3 channels from 25g to 250g, that can cut up to 20 thousand 50g loaves per hour. Structure and carcass built in carbon steel with epoxy paint of high resistance to abrasion and corrosion, and optionally in stainless steel 304. Nylon rolls technyl 6.6 and surface treated.
  • Optional: Roller with 2 or 3  channels and PVC/NRB belts. Retractable entrance belt, to reduce the occupied area when not in use. Regulated with speed variator. Output conveyor with height adjustment, for connection to other conveyor belts. Nylon casters with locks, to facilitate displacement in the work area.
FGA25.6″96.5″57.1″528 Lbs.